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Live With Intention

Authentic Self is an experience, method and program to help you create your most desirable life.


Explore life domains that hold meaningful experiences and opportunities for growth and mastery.


Organize and efficiently act from a personal mission.


Design a strategy for continued learning and steady support.


Align your daily routine, schedule, and attention with an authentic vision.

Why Authentic Self?

Our evidence-based method, highly trained coaches, and supportive community will help you achieve your version of success in every area of your life.

Get Started
Develop Holistic Wellbeing Create Meaningful Work Chart Your Own Course

Develop Holistic Wellbeing

  • Discover your purpose
  • Find fulfillment in all areas of life—from work to relationships to health and wellness
  • Learn how to live mindfully
  • Build a plan to move towards what you truly value

Create Meaningful Work

  • Strategic life planning and focus
  • Streamline your passion into productivity and lucrative results
  • Lifestyle planning for passion projects, work, and life balance
  • Create an action plan for success

Chart Your Own Course

  • Clarify goals and direction during difficult life transitions
  • Discover what serves your highest potential and nourishes your soul
  • Claim your power and take ownership over your career
  • Infuse authenticity into social and professional relationships

(free for a limited time)

The "Live with Intention Workbook" takes you step by step through the Authentic Self method.

  • Clarify Personal Values
  • Create a Personalized Action Plan
  • Schedule With Intent

1:1 Coaching

Get fully engaged with a highly trained coach to make exponential progress.

  • Accountability
  • Be Immersed in a Supportive Community
  • Coaching and Retreat Combo Packages

(coming soon)

A "Live with Intention Retreat" can help you jump-start your transformation.

  • Meditation, Yoga and Nutrition
  • Supportive Group Setting
  • Retreat Center Near You

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